Visual Kinematics Inc (VKI) Joins Tech Soft 3D

    VKI is pleased to announce the acquisition of VKI by Tech Soft 3D. Tech Soft 3D has long been a provider of data access and engineering graphics SDKs to the CAE market.

    We are excited to be bringing our portfolios together and confident this will lead to advanced opportunities for programmers building next-generation applications for simulation and analysis.

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  • Finite element mesh generation tools
  • Fully automatic curve, surface and volume mesh generation.
  • Load and boundary condition management and visualization.
  • Automatic beam section and shell laminate calculations
  • Compute finite element shape and distortion parameters.
  • Visualize all finite element types, polyhedral cells, gaps, welds, MPC's, coordinate systems, ...everything.
Applicable DevTools modules: VisTools VisTools/Mesh VglTools VdmTools


  • Modern, high performance finite element formulations for solid, shell and beam elements.
  • Element independent corotational formulation for large displacements and rotations.
  • Material models ranging from linear isotropic and orthotropic to plastic and hyperelastic.
  • Both structural and heat transfer analysis supported.
  • Large scale direct sparse matrix and PCG/GMRES iterative solver.
  • Block Lanczos and Automatic Multi-Level Substructuring eigensolver.
  • Export solution results to standard results file formats.
  • Contact us for our results on standard industry tests such as the MacNeal-Harder problems and the Raasch Hook.
Applicable DevTools modules: VfsTools VfeTools VdmTools


  • Ultra fast contouring algorithms and finite element rendering
  • Isosurface computation, cutting planes, clipping and capping.
  • Streamline generation, vector field topology extraction.
  • Discrete scalar, vector and tensor markers.
  • Complete annotation, stroked text, coordinate system triads, color legends, graph axes.
  • Data structures for model and results probing.
Applicable DevTools modules: VisTools VglTools VdmTools


  • ABAQUS input files and .fil and .odb post data files
  • Altair H3D files
  • Ansys Inc. ANSYS input files and .rst .rth and .rfl result files
  • Ansys/AUTODYN results files
  • Ansys/CFX results file
  • CEI/EnSight Casefile format
  • and many more analysis formats
Applicable DevTools modules: VdmTools

Component Software
for Engineering Analysis

VKI develops and supports DevTools, a suite of component software development toolkits for computer aided engineering (CAE) applications.DevTools is used by many of the CAE industry's largest and most respected software companies worldwide to deliver applications for structural analysis, heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics and electromagnetics.

DevTools Version 4.5.1

DevTools is unique for the CAE industry, providing component development toolkits to enable application developers to build integrated, customized, low-cost, end-to-end CAE analysis systems: from mesh generation and pre-processing through solution to post-processing and visualization.

Why Components

Licensing Component Software allows your application developers to focus their efforts on your core competence and differentiation from your competitors.

Request an Evaluation

DevTools evaluations are available for free for a 90 day period. Note that Devtools components are a software development tool, not an end user product.

Recent News

VKI releases DevTools 4.5.1. Check new features here.