About Us

Visual Kinematics Inc is a leading supplier of component software tools to the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) industry. The VKI component software product line addresses the entire spectrum of CAE simulation technology from mesh generation, data structures and interoperability tools to solvers, visualization and graphics. Since the company's founding in 1989, VKI component tools have been installed in analysis products including mechanical, fluids, electro-magnetic and multiphysics applications. With a reputation for delivering innovative, commercially robust products, Visual Kinematics is relied upon by the CAE industry's largest and most respected software companies.


Gordon Ferguson


Gordy founded Visual Kinematics in 1989 with the purpose of developing component 3D visualization and graphics technology for the CAE software industry. Since that time VKI has successfully expanded its component technology to the fields of mesh generation, interoperability and finite element solver methods. Gordy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics from Carleton College and a Master of Science degree in Physics with minors in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Minnesota.

Prior to starting VKI, Gordy worked in internal software development for the Lockheed Missles and Space Company and as a member of the technical staff for the vertical MCAD marketing group for Ardent Computer.

Arthur Muller

Director, Finite Element Technology

Arthur joined Visual Kinematics in 2001 as Director of Finite Element Technology, and expanded VKI's products into element technology, direct and iterative linear equation solvers, end-to-end embedabble finite element solvers, and interoperability. Arthur holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics and Mechanical Engineering, as well as a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Pontifical Catholic University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and a PhD from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering.

Prior to joining VKI Arthur worked in software development at Raychem Corporation and Marc Analysis, was one of the founders of Centric Engineering Systems, and a Vice President at C Level Design.